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Current Reviews - April 2006 - Present
Sir! No Sir! - Roger Ebert, The Chicago Sun Times
Veterans Fighting for Peace - Christina Talcott, The Washington Post
The Spit Hits the Fan - Jim Slotek , The Toronto Sun.
Capturing war within the military over Vietnam - Wesley Morris, The Boston Globe
Sir! No Sir!' brings home soldiers' anti-war protests - Eleanor Ringel Gillespie, Atlanta Journal Constitution
If you want something done right - Ellen Snortland, Pasadena Weekly.
Reflections on the Anti-War Documentary, Sir! No Sir! - Jerry Lembcke, History News Network .
Sir! No Sir! - Felix Vasquez Jr., Film Threat
War and peace, then and now - Gene Seymour, New York Newsday
Sir! No Sir! - John McMurtrie, San Francisco Chronicle
When soldiers protested war - Michael Booth, The Denver Post
Sir! No Sir! - Chuck Wilson, LA Weekly
Give Peace a Chance. - Josh Appelbaum, Time Off
Sir! No Sir! - Marjorie Baumgarten, The Austin Chronicle
Sir! No Sir! - Steven Wells, The Philadelphia Weekly
On the Inside - Wendy Butler, The Eureka Reporter
Sir! No Sir! - Eleanor Ringel Gillespie, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Film pushes anti-war agenda - Rhian Hibner, Daily Lobo.
Sir! No Sir! - David Cornelius. DVDTalk.
Sir! No Sir! - Jonathan Rosenbaum, The Chicago Reader.
Vietnam War-era documentary studies protest in the military - Harper Barnes, St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
Film looks at GI foes of 'Nam - Larry Ratliff, San Antonio Express-News.
Sir! No Sir! - Lee Grant, The San Diego Union-Tribune.
Hell no, the ranks hated war - Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star.
Not everyone was following orders! - Jason Anderson, The Globe and Mail.
Dispelling a Popular Misconception - D. D. Delaney, Port Folio Weekly.
Reflections on the Anti-War Documentary, Sir! No Sir! - Jerry Lembcke, History News Network .
Divided We Fell - Gregory Epps, Portfolio Weekly.
Sir! No Sir! - Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide.
Sir, No Sir! - Robert Waldman, clubvibes.com
Sir! No Sir! - Bill Gallo The Seattle Weekly.
"Sir! No Sir!" The Story of the GI Anti-War Movement - Michael Donelly, Counterpunch.
Sir! No Sir! (2005) - John Sunier, Audiophile Audition.
Sir! No Sir! - Styeve Rosen, Cincinatti City Beat.
Hell no, we won't go! - Ken Eisner, The Georgia Straight .
Not everyone was following orders - Jason Anderson, The Globe and Mail.
The GI Movement Against the Vietnam War 1966-1975 Sir! No Sir! A Film Review - unsigned, www.ais.org/~jrh/journalism/GI-Movement.doc .
Sir! No Sir! - Eric Moe, DocumentariesAbout.com
Sir! No Sir! When soliders won't kill - Jean Lowerison, San Diego Metropolitan
The Vietnam War and Modern Memory - Ron Briley, History News Network
'Sir! No Sir!' Subjects plead a case for peace- Barbara Vancheri, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Fighting 'Nam war myths - Jim Slotek, Toronto Sun
The courage to resist - Norman Wilner, Metro Toronto
Movie Reviews: ... Sir! No Sir! - Sean P. Means, Salt Lake Tribune
War and Peace - Susan G. Cole, Now Toronto
Soldier faces penalties for war stance - Shawn Flynn, News 14 Carolina
Sir! No Sir! break the chains - John Catalinotto, Workers World
Sir No Sir, A Film Review - Rich Gibson., Hawaii Indymedia
What's Up, Docs? Two nonfiction films prove timely - Matt Brunson, Creative Loafing
Yes sir! David Zeiger’s anti-war military - Gerald Perry, The Phoenix
Documentary looks at antiwar Vietnam veterans - Steven Rea, The Philadelphia Inquirer
Sir! No Sir! - Sam Adams, City Paper (Philadelphia)
Sir! No Sir! - Roger Ebert, The Chicago Sun Times
Sir! No Sir! - Frank Swietek, One Guys Opinion
`Sir! No Sir!' provides another angle on Vietnam protesters - Michael Phillips, The Chicago Tribune
"Sir, No Sir" - Jules Brenner, Cinema Signals
Sir! No Sir! - Saul Austerlitz, Box Office Magazine
The Colonel's Latest Posting? Off Base - Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts, The Washington Post
'Sir! No Sir!': Fall in Line - Ann Hornaday,The Washington Post
'No Sir' is voice of anti-war Vietnam vets - Rob Thomas, The Capital Times
Sir! No Sir! - Cynthia Fuchs, PopMatters
Rebel Soldiers - John Tarleton, The Indypendent
Sir! No, Sir! A Lost History - Paul Cox, Citizen Soldier
Sir! No Sir! - Maria Garcia, Film Journal
Night on Earth - Stewart Klawans, The Nation
Sir! No Sir! - Michael Joshua Rowin, The L Magazine
'Sir! No Sir!' Salutes Vietnam's Dissenters in Uniform Manhola Dargis - International Herald Tribune, reprinted from the New York Times
'Sir! No Sir!' Shouts Down War - Jay Hauben, Oh My News
Sir! No Sir! - Joshua Rothkopf, Timeout New York
Unrest in the Ranks - Rick Barton, bestofneworleans.com
Important Film to See: "Sir, No Sir" - Wilfred, afterdowningstreet.org
Sir! No Sir! - Bruce Patterson, Anderson Valley Advertiser
Sir! No Sir! - Ken Fox, TV Guide Online
Sir! No Sir! - Rachel Gordon, filmcritic.com
Sir! No Sir! - Ronald Wilkinson, monstersandcritics.com
Sir! No Sir! - Nathan Rabin, The Onion
Sir! No Sir! - Peter Canavese, Grouchoreviews.com
Here are your marching orders. Unsigned, E!Online
Sir! No Sir! (2005) - Les Wright, CultureVulture.net
Sir! No Sir! (2006) - Mark R. Leeper, Rotten Tomatoes.com
Sir! No Sir! - Kent Turner, Film-Forward.com
Jane & Co. Still Hanoi-ing - Kyle Smith, New York Post
Sir! No Sir! - Nick Schager, Slant Magazine
Sir! No Sir! - Dave White, Movies.com
Sir! No Sir! - Marc Norton, Marc Norton Online
Sir! No Sir! - Marc Norton, BeyondChron
Sir! No Sir! - Jay Carr, A.M. New York
Sir! No Sir! - R.B. The New Yorker
"Sir! No Sir!" is a war movie worth watching - Eleanor O'Sullivan,Pulse Online
Sir! No Sir! - Mel Valentin Movie Vault.com
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