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  • 1st, 4th, and 9th Infantry Division and 1st Marine Division

Panel: Wayne Novick (moderator), Don Donner (moderator), John Lytle (6/15 Artillery, 1st Division), Robert McConnachie (1st Infantry Division, 2nd/28th, Black Lions), Ron Newton (704 Maintenance Battalion, 4th Division), John Hartner (4th Infantry Division),
Broadcast of testimonies runs to 31:21 min., after which WBAI announcer briefly discusses news regarding invasion of Laos after, which broacast of testimonies resumes with Kenneth J. Campbell (Marine Corps)

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  • 25th Infrantry Division and Public Information Office

Panel: Ron Podlaski (Army Special Forces), Sonny Keys (Third Squadron, Fourth Cavalry of the 25th Division), David Chiles (Kent State University student), Patrick Ostrenga (University of Wisconsin, Madison student) Larry Rottmann. (Assistant Information Officer for the 25th Infantry Division), Mike McCusker (Marine Corps), Larry Craig (25th Infantry Division's 1st Brigade), Alex Primm (information specialist with the Headquarters of the 1st Logistical Command)

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  • Miscellaneous Panel

Panel: Michael McCusker (Marine Corps), David Cohen (Navy), Sam Schorr (Army Combat Batallion), Dennis Butts (Army infantry), Thomas Heidtman (Marine Corps), Paul Williams (Marine Corps), Don Donner (Army Engineers), Joe Galbally (Army infantry), Ed Murphy (Army infantry), Timon Hagelin (Army), Russel Kogut (helicopter pilot), Dennis Caldwell (Navy), Steve Pitkin (Army), Don Pugsley (Green Beret medic)

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  • Prisoners of War Panel

Panel: Howard Zinn (Professor of Political Science at Boston University), Jon Floyd (Marine Corps veteran), Jon Van Dyke (attorney, U.S. State Dept.), George Smith (ex-member, Special Forces Aide Team in South Vietnam), Dr. Marjorie Nelson, Stephanie Caldwell (sister of POW), Virginia Warner (mother of POW), Jon Drolshagen. (Lieutenant and a prisoner of war interrogator), Don Dzagulones (interrogator), Steve Noetzel (Vietnam veteran)

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  • Third World Panel

Panel: Donald P. Williams, Scott Shimabukuro, Barry Romo, Evan Haney, Earl Rose, Allen Akers, Charles N. Stephens, William Light, Orville Carey, Larry D. Brooks, Murphy Lloyd, Mike Nakayamo

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