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Taking Care Of Business

During the summer there have been rebellions at military bases all over the country and in Viet Nam. Most of these, rebellions have been in stockades. These men rebelled against an oppression which affects all of us.

Stockades are nothing more than medieval dungeons. Men are beat, tortured, and forced to submit to any of the degrading whims of the stockade commander. Through fear of the stockade, the brass try to control our lives. With their illegal "laws" backing them up, officers can get rid of any man who makes a stand against the treatment.

We fully support all of these rebellions and demand an end to the inhuman stockades-the torture centers-that the military use in their attempts to make every one of us nothing more than a non-thinking, ass kissing robot.

Camp Pendleton

On September 15, about 200 marines in the Brig at Pendleton attacked their guards and chased them into a shack. The fences between barracks were torn down and more Marines joined them. Riot control troops used tear gas to force the men back into their barracks, and then forced them outside again by using more gas. Once outside, the prisoners were attacked and beaten by the storm troopers who outnumbered them.

Fort Riley

July. 21 was a national holiday-the day three officers landed on the moon-but not for the men at the Fort Riley stockade. They were ordered to fall out for detail. Two barracks refused and there were rumors of a "party" all day long. After lights out, yelling began. About 200 men set a couple of dumpsters on fire and tried to burn down C guard tower. A group broke into the mess hail, and when a Major tried to stop them by yelling "I fought for you in World War II," he was pelted with eggs. Several fences were torn down and the guards locked themselves in Area 9. The next day segregation and maximum security cells were full and one man had allegedly been charged with inciting to riot.

Fed Up!, no. 1


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