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Cu Chi - South Vietnam

We all know that a lot of guys in Nam hate war. Well, more and more they're doing something about it. For instance, some time ago Capt. Frank Smith (Bravo Company, 2nd Battallion, 27th Light Infantry) ordered 1 of his platoons to go on a patrol near the Cambodian border. The platoon of 21 GI's all with combat experience told the company commander that they weren't going. So Capt. Smith had to eventually use another platoon. He said "At the time I never did get those men to obey me. I tried ... But they just wouldn't go. So I had to bring charges against them." What happened next really blew Capt. Smith's mind - the 21 weren't punished, they were just found guilty and reprimanded. No other punishment.

That's what morale is like in Nam these days. The brass just can't get the EM to figh. RIGHT ON.








Fed Up!, vol. 1, no. 2


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