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Jane Fonda Banned From Fort

Another fine example of military injustice was displayed Sunday, March 8th, as Actress Jane Fonda and several friends were banned from Ft. Lewis after visiting with GIs at several units here on post.

Jane toured the fort signing autographs, posing for pictures, and talking to GI's about subjects ranging from life in the army to our involvement in the Vietnam war. Everywhere she went she was greeted enthusiastically by GI's despite the fact that little notice was given on of her proposed visit. During a visit with GI's at E Troop 2/3 ACR, we were confronted by 2 Lt. Nealy from the Military Police who asked us to follow him to the PMO for "routine questioning". We repeatedly asked if any charges were being placed against us and were told that we were only being taken in for questioning, nothing else.

We were separated into two groups after we had arrived. One group of military personnel and the other of Jane Fonda and other civilians. Those in the military were photographed by agents of the CID. All part of the "routine questioning".

When Jane asked to use the telephone to call her lawyer she was denied the use of the telephone. When she insisted that it was her legal right to have her counsel present, Col. Lyles summed it up by saying, "You are now under military jurisdiction and you don't have any rights as a civilian!". I believe Col. Lyles could have made that statement a bit more conplete by adding that neither do soldiers have any rights under military jurisdiction.

When Jane sat down behind the MP desk and refused to move until she had placed her call, Col. Lyles gave up and complied with her demand

During our three hours of "routine questioning" we asked everyone we could if there were any charges against us and received such vague answers as "Just sit down and wait, we'll tell you later" or "We don't know yet". Three hours after Jane's lawyer had arrived the MP's finally decided that they didn't have anything to charge us with so we were released to our units as soon a they came and picked us up. The only thing was that it was over an hour late before they even called all of our units Jane Fonda and her friends all received letters banning them from Ft. Lewis When asked for a reason for their banning the Col. said he didn't need a reason. Another example of military injustice.

Fed Up!, vol. 1, no. 5


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