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The GI Organizer

Fort Hood is now the only post inthe United States to have two GI newspapers. We are sure that this will cause no antagonistic feelings with our fellow Ft. Hood newspaper. Rather, we hope that with the birth of the GIO; GI organizing will broaden in scope.

The need for this paper is of great importance: to fulfill the need for a forum so new ideas on GI organizing can be heard and acted upon.

The GIO welcomes any and all comments and articles that GIs would like to offer. The GIO will be especially consciencious about publishing articles and letters that are submitted; every effort will be made to print all material submitted by responsible individuals which is relevant to GI organizing. Generally, the GIO would like to receive articles on the Black and other Third World struggles, the Vietnam War, and articles on local issues at Ft. Hood and elsewhere.







GI Organizer , no. 1


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