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Brothers Wake Up

We're hurting ourselves.

The two words that should now be spoken the most by any Black American, young or old, are "Unity" and "Support." Because of the absence of these qualities we have had and are still having a long, hard struggle to "Black Liberation." Without these two necessary qualities, our efforts and struggles, which are now classified as Revolutionary Movements, will be crumbled underneath the feet of the vicious racists and pigs who would love to see and have attempted to perform a genocide on us.

These two qualities are of paramount importance to the Black People of this nation. The enemy knows this and has, throughout our history in this country, tried to keep us blind to their importance. As proof, let me relate back to a couple of the more recent attempts of our enemies to further divide us.

The first was the "Raised Clenched Fist" which was conceived by our Black brothers at the Olympics to signify awareness and unify toward a common goal.

If you can remember, the racists and pigs who run this country along with the brass in the Armed Forces became alarmed when its.popuIarity began to increase and it spread and became a symbol for Blacks. Did you read any of.the desperate attempts to stop it in the publications stating that it mean this and it meant that?

Antother was the more recent "Exchange of taps by the Clenched Fist." Not only in this unit, it is now rumored that on this post an Article 15 will be given for this act.

Wake up Brothers! We need to join more than just a clenched fist. Our cause is the sarne--Black Liberation. Our fight with the racists and pigs is enough. When will we stop trying to hurt each other? Look down at your hands. If they're Black then be Black. Every time you hurt another Brother or Sister you hurt yourself.

Th'e Black. Panthers Rule # 8 clearly states that:' "No. Party member will commit any crimes against other party members or Black People at all, and cannot steal or take from the people, not even a needle or piece of thread.

This should not only be the Panther's rule, but the rule of all Black People. If the people deciding to be on our side are few in number 'we must' make up our own team and strive even harder to win. Look around you Brothers--wake up and unite Your color has already been decided for you.

There are-several organizations for our Black Movements. And we, as blacks, cannot afford to down them or not support them being as we're Black too. If for some unknown reason we can't participate actively in them, we still can't afford to not support each and every one or then for as I've said, we're Black and they're Black and we've got to stick together.

Now don't think for one minute that all whites are our enemies. I have clearly stated previously that our enemies are the racists and the pigs who exploit our people daily. There are also, white organizations that could use our support, and because of their liberal views, especially on race relations, they are also attacked by our enemies. In the Sept. 14, 1968 issue of the Black Panther's Weekly News Publication there is an article on page 10 entitled, "Warning to so-called-Paper Panthers." It declares that its Black Brothers stop vamping on the Hippies.... Wake up Brothers, unite and support those that will help us.

A good start in pledging your support will be to see that that this paper is passed. on to others like yourself in an effort to unite for a just cause, The Brass would like to have these destroyed.- the truth is a danger to them.

Through unity and support we can move effectively, toward our goal to overcome and wipe out the vicious enemy.

GI Organizer , no. 2


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