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Long Binh Officers Join Protest

The New York Times reported November 21 that Military Intelligence was busily engaged into snooping into the circumstances of a statement of support for antiwar protest which was circulating among members of the 38th Medical Detachment at Long Binh.

Cpt. Alan J. Goldstein, a dentist, said that there were 136 signatures to the staatement, which reads:

"We the undersigned wish to express our support for the Vietnam War Moratoriun."

The signers included a Lieutenant Colonel, two maajors and two graduaates of West Point.

The public information officer at Long Binh denied that an official investigation was being maade, but the Times reported that members of the 38th Medical Detachment had been called in by MI and "questioned on whether they had signed the statement, whether they had done so voluntarily and on their own time and wwhether they knew the names of other signers."





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