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Bragg GI's Stage Demonstration

More than 75 GIs led an antiwar demonstration of over 600 on October 11 in Fayetteville, N.C. The action was called and organized by Fort Bragg GIs United Against the War in Vietnam. GIs joining the march came from Bragg, Fort Meade, Md., and Pope AFB

A rally following the march heard from former Green Beret Donald Duncan, now an editor of Ramparts magazine, and Cpt. Howard Levy whose conviction for refusing to train Special Forces medics is now on appeal to the Supreme Court.

Pvt. David O'Brien of GIs United spoke and outlawed the aims of the organization: complete withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam; an end to imperialist wars; and the defense of the constitutional rights of GIs.

Fort Bragg GIs United has an active membership of 50, more than half of them veterans of the war. The group publishes the paper Bragg Briefs, which has recently filed suit in federal court to win recognition of the right to distribute the paper on post.




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