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Marines Protest

Two imprisoned Marines from Brooklyn have become the center of a legal test of the military's power to punish enlisted men who dissent against the Vietnam War.

The Marines, Lance Corporal William L. Harvey, Jr. 21, and Pfc. George Daniels, 20, are serving sentences of six years and ten years at hard labor for preaching Black Muslim antiwar doctrines to troops being trained for Vietnam combat.

Both were court-martialed primarily for statements made to follow black EMs during a break in field exercises at Camp Pendelton on July 27, 1967.

They urged other Marines to request "captain's mast" to protest, "going over there and fighting the Vietnamese and coming back here and fighting the white man." The next morning, Harvey, Daniels and a dozen others tried unsuccessfully to see the capt ain... and then returned to their duties.

NONE OF THE MARINES EVER DISOBEYED AN ORDER OR REFUSED TO SHIP OUT TO VIETNAM. On August 17, L/Pl Harvey and Pfc. Daniels were arrested on an assortment of charges, and they have been in prison ever since.

It's up to us to assist Harvey and Daniels by DEMANDING that they be set free. If EMs allow this kind of horseshit to continue, the brass will interpret the docile attitude of EMs as a mandate for the continuance of this kind of horseshit.


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