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Airman Mays vs Norton AFB

In the first incident following the GI-Civilian Antiwar Demonstration in L.A., Airman First Class David Mays has been charged with insubordination for refusing to sweep the floor. Even though Mays was not on duty when the charge was made against him, the Airman was informed of his court-martial on April 14. Given just a four-hour prior notice, Mays quickly telephoned the offices of GIs & VIETNAM VETERANS AGAINST THE WAR and this organization contacted a lawyer to handle the case. Mays' new attorney was able to get a postponement of the trial until April 28.

During the Easter Sunday rally at Mac-Arthur Park, Airman Mays told an audience of 6500 people that, "the Vietnam war is not in the interest of enlisted men." Mays also said, "we know that organization means strength" and that "we will use every spare moment to bring this ungodly lie out in the open."

On three occasions, Mays has tried to talk with his squadron commander. However, despite Col. Johnson's pro-claimed "open door policy for enlisted men," the colonel has continued to refuse to see Mays.






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