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My Brothers In The Military

How much longer are you going to stand by and see your NCOs and company commander fuck over you? Now is the time to take a stand and get what is legally due to you as a soldier in the American Army. Day after day we see whitey's taking care of their own, now is the time for our black NCOs to start taking care of their own. Yes the whites are getting their rank, but are you? Are you one of those Blacks that stayed 10 months in the service as a PFC or E-2? Have you ever asked? Are you interested? Now is the time for you to get what you want. Not only what you want, but what you deserve. You have worked from the sweat of your brow as hard or I'm tempted to say harder than the others. Your blood was shed in the building of America. So why shouldn't you demand your rights in the military?








A'bout Face, no. 1


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