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Blueprint For Revolution

I'm a full-grown, full-time Black revolutionary. My business is freedom and I deal in realities Reality to me is sacrifice, its blood, its falling and stumbling through an undergrowth of hardship and turmoil until freedom slaps you is the face. Its right and. necessary, its legal and its one of the basics, in the difference between man and animal.

The desire for freedom forces the realists to recognize the importance and utter necessity of organization. Brothers, we of UBS have envisioned a sort of "United Nations" of Black liberation military groups in Germany. We are freedom groups organized with a council or decision making body responsible for policy and providing leadership. Rotate the members of the council or committee so that if the pigs ship out few the leadership will still be intact. This governing body should determine tactics, goals, and when and where meetings should be held.

Two rules that must be carefully observed is 1) not to get involved in finance aside from donation' and 2) keep no written records. All records must be kept in the head. In addition it is very important that your organization has self-discipline. Petty personal hassles should be downplayed, because if a dude is restricted or put on some extra duty for some bull, he is of no use to the organization.

The council should have officers responsible for specific areas and should all have secret clearance for organizational work. It should be understood by the leaders that the general membership (for security reasons) should not know all of the info. Target’s the PX, the chapel, snack bars, civilian clubs who discriminate and have quotas and the military clubs.

Seize the time, seize the initiative to start a movement at your concern, do it now and establish contact with neighboring cities and concerns. Join the "United Nations" of Black soldiers in Germany. If you need help in organizing and if you need rappers contact BUG at Miley BKs or UBS at Patton here in Heidelberg.

All will not be soft and easy, you'll have growth pains like anything else. You'll have power struggles, dissension, quarrels etc. But all will work out. It's especially important that you have a recruiting officer who will recruit new brothers on their arrival at your place! An officer of security is especially valuable in tracking down CID or ONI infiltrators, and checking out potential troublemakers and security risks.

There it is and you should be able to go from there if someone will stand up and say "I'll take the responsibility of leadership, of organizing at being a leader in the fight for the freedom of my people. The pigs will threaten, rave and rank, but hold a steady course and victory will not be too far distant.

Leaders must be especially adept in the art of crowd control and crowd psychology. You must produce concrete results and victories, you must sacrifice socially and financially in order to taste the sweet fruits of victory and offer goodwill and brotherhood to all men.

A'bout Face, no. 1



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