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Why We Went To Frankfurt

We are supporters of Black liberation in Babylon, and in support of the Black Panther Party Solidarity Committee. We were there because we had expected our sister, Katleen Cleaver, to be there and to show solidarity for our brother Bobby Seale, a political prisoner in Babylon. We are proletaarian internationalists, showing solidarity with our comrades in the struggle in all parts of the world.

Why didn't the Communications Secretary of the Black panther Party have the right to come here and inform black GIs, in particular and the masses of the German people in general, of the trial of Bobby Seale, Chairman of the Black Panther Party? We know the answer. We don't see the government tring to hinder the right of free travel of their Race Relations Investigation Committee who are nothing but lackeys and apologist for the most barbaric in the spectrum of history-imperialist America, responsible for the aggresion against the people of Indo-China, Africa, Latin America and against Blacks and all oppressed people in America.

But this shit has gone too far and must stop now! It is an insult not only to our intelligence but to our Black manhood when we are kept from receiving a message from our sisterKathleen Cleaver just because she speaks the truth.

Some one must, you Pugs surely don't!!!!!!!

A'bout Face, vol. 2, no. 1



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