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How Come! And Why?

On July 4, 1970 in Heidelberg . . . thousands of black people will assemble to show the world that black GIs are not satisfied. In a sense we are holding a trial.

The case:

United States Army-United States black GIs.

The charges:

We charge Uncle Sam with genocide, mass murder of millions of people, political murder, economic murder, social murder, and mental murder. The world will be the jury. Every individual present at the Festival will serve as prosecutor.

Independence Day was picked due to its significance to white America. The significance lies in the fact that this is the day Babylon declared herself the home of the free land of the brave, where all men are created equal with certain inalienable rights. But a rapidly growing number of us see this as a myth. A myth that is maintained by her huge military-complex. A complex that is racist to the bone. A complex that hides behind the disguise of patriotic flag-waving Americans. We are demanding to know, how can a military complex that defends the most imperialist-racist country in the world have the authority to say we believe in equality, that all men are created equal. These and other questions will be asked, and answers demanded.





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