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Miltary Justice

To the head pig Col. T Josseni, we of UBS head about how you railroaded that Black PFC out of his rank and are about to ship him out of Heidelberg. That just goes to show you how true UBS is about racial fascism in the military. Yes, I guess justice is for you and that PIG SGM, for you have continued to railroad brothers to cater to your "Uncle Tomism" idea (of how Black people should be). How can you tell a Black man how he should be when your facist government, govenors, mayors,and judges refuse to give Black people our basic human rights. Fuck your idea of conservatism. I say down with you Pig. Down with you! Yes, we are going to bring you to your knees or die, if necessary, trying. Heed my words, the sun does not shine a day that I am not thinking of ways to "Burn the establishment."






A'bout Face, no. 1



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