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It Is the Policy Of This Paper

It is the policy of this paper to expose the racist-military clique for what they are. Down through the years black GIs have never had a voice to speak their true opinion. To that we say “no more”. This paper through your support will express your opinion to the “utmost”. Whether Gen. Polk on down like it or not. We say the “hell” with you. As we stated in a previous edition we will expose the racists for what they are. As the struggle intensifies there will be stronger repressive measures, again we say “no matter how hard you try you can’t stop us now”. This paper will try to express true opinions of dependents, GIs, civilians etc. (Not just the head pigs)

The editorial staff of this paper is well aware of the situation at hand. The necessity of the matters, the urgency of this paper. We see ourselves as the vanguards of the revolutionary struggle in Germany. Being human we understand that we are fallible, but we demand “zero defect” in our work. “Now” is the “time” to “seize” the “time” in essence, “in order to solve the problem you must get to the heart of the matter”.

The man who has the right to define is master of the situation
Editor in Chief. A Down Brother.




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