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Unsatisfied Black Soldiers is a group of brothers and sisters here in Heidelberg Germany., Patton Barracks who after years of being oppressed by the racial system in America got together under the leadership of Brother Sam Berry who had just come from Vietnam, where he had seen "our racist system at work." Under his guidance, we on April 14 1970, started a political awareness program, designed to "hip" brothers and sisters coming to Germany to the propagandized Republic of Germany. I say propaganidized because the American racist system has spread its filth and brainwash even to the people of Germany. Serving your country here in Germany you face the same attitude that you do in America, being dehumanized and treated unjustly simply for being Black. We do not say all whites are pigs don't fool yourself. brother their are quite a few down grassroots comrades that have white skin. So beware of yourself and your brothers. We know that without the masses of the people a revolution can not be successful. Remember, we are only two-tenth of the American population, but too say that is to say this, if we are unable to reach the masses of the people because of the brainwashing procedures of the American system have been too successful and if they won't wake-up, the revolution will still go on.

A pig is a pig no matter the color of his skin. As the pigs spread this propaganda bout the Panthers hating whites they have staarted this ame rumor about U.B.S.. We do not hate white people but we do hate and will kil anyone who refuses us our rights.

I am asked what is worth killing for. I wil tell you "we will kill for Black people's freedom from a raacist rule, for oppressed whites, who too will join the revolution along with the millions of Black people who are unsaatisfied with the system. Let us not forget the other nationalitie the Chinese-Americans, the Japanese-Americans, and Mexican American, for they too suffer the same exploitation! but it seems as though nothing is heard from them. Speak now comrades ", or have you forgotten your pride, your people dies when the English, the Irish, the Spaniards, the Portugese, asnd French came and took their land from them and brutally murdered your forefathers. What about Japanese Americans, it seems as though America has already conquered your spirits, are you beaten, tided down like a dog, or maybe you do not see it because of skin pigmentation and straight hair for this you fit in the "great melting pot of American Society," but only superficially, for they will not axcept none other than themselves. So I make a plee to oppressed people all over the States here in Germany and the world to end this racism and exploitation of your Black comrades.

The problem has now been brought to light. it is in the hands of the people, and to this I say "Stand up and snatch your liberation cause unless you do thePigs will hold it forever."


A'bout Face, vol. 2, no. 1



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