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Anti-Establishment Protest Hits Springs.

Demonstrators, ranging in number from 100 to 300, including I5 GI's, spoke out against the war and big business Labor Day evening at the Broadmoor Hotel's International Center, while the Governor's Conference was underway

As the governors were being driven to their destination in 52 new, gold Cadillacs, the protesters, complete with placards and slogans formed across the street from the International Center while the 52 ''heads of state'' prepared to greet President Nixon

The marchers were told by numerous security policemen and local cops that in order to stand across from the Center the signs would have to be left behind despite the demonstrators' awareness of this infringement upon their right of free expression, the signs were discarded and voices were substituted. Even so, while other individuals and groups were allowed to wander freely the anti-establishment pickets were confined to a small area

As the demonstrator's chanted, both national and local newsmen (a few of them quite drunk) wandered among the different groups trying to find some interesting 'copy.' Some members of the press were sympathetic-but that's all The only accurate account of the demonstrating ABOVEGROUND has seen to date was reported by the Denver Post (September 2, 1969, page 27)

Confined in their assigned area only a few demonstrators even saw Nixon-let alone "rap their line" on him. He was shuttled into a back entrance of the Center at approximately 9:45 PM The mere presence of resistance wherever Nixon goes in America has, and will continue to, seep into his establishment mind and, hopefully, although doubtfully, will someday affect his thinking

The major disappointment of the demonstration was not the expected police harassment, but the small turnout of protesters. Certainly there are at least 3,000 - not 300 - people, even in this bastion of military influence and might, who could consider themselves anti war and anti-establishment.. Who are you Where were you

Ignorance of the demonstration "is no excuse," Why didn't you organize your own. Even soldiers can demonstrate according to ''Guidance on Dissent"; dated 28 May 1969 from the Office of the Adjutant General, It states in paragraph 5g: ''AR 600-20 and 600-21 prohibit members of she Army from participating in off-post demonstrations when they are in uniform, or on duty, or in a foreign country, or when their activities constitute a breach of law and order, or when violence is likely to result,'' In a negative fashion the Army has given soldiers permission to protest.

The solution Get involved in the Movement-not the establishment.

Aboveground, vol. 1, no. 2


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