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At approximately 0130 hours during the morning of May 13, 1969, 14 maximum security prisoners overpowered a guard taking his keys and releasing themselves from their cells.

Of the prisoners involved, 13, perhaps all 14, were block. Of the 5 or so guards in the "reaction force'' used to quell the riot four were black The four were directed by the prisoners to leave, which they did, without helping the white guards who were later overpowered by the prisoners.

A barricade was then built and three white MP guards were kept as hostages. At 0430 CS gas, water hoses, and 40 MPs were used to "retake" the building from the prisoners. The hostages were not hurt. All of the prisoners were admitted to the post hospital.

Why does this race hatred exist in the stockade? Many other, although, unconfirmed, report, emanating from the stockade tell of white prisoners being attacked by blocks and vice-versa.

Also, why can't the violent types of both races be separated from the more peaceful prisoners?

We are not attempting to glorify stockade "inmates"; nor does ABOVEGROUND delude itself by thinking all those locked up in the stockade are political prisoners

However, a soldier confined should not become a nightly, weekly, or monthly punching bog for some demented stockade bully.


Aboveground, vol. 1, no. 2


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