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Aboveground, A Publication Whose Views And Opinions

ABOVEGROUND, a publication whose views and opinions are necessarily not those of the Department of Defense, has been prepared and printed in accordance with existing Army regulations governing such activities. The Staff of ABOVEGROUND feels, however, that the existence of these regulations is in fact a violation of the Constitution.

Attempts at publication by servicemen in the past have been met by the Military with legal action of varying degrees. Major General Kenneth G. Wickham, Adjutant General, recently (28 May 1969) composed a five-page letter to be used as a guideline in the handling of “dissenters.” The letter gives instructions to commanders on how to handle many facets of dissent ranging from possession and distribution of political materials, Servicemen's Unions, and demonstrations to the publication of “Underground” newspapers.








Aboveground, vol. 1, no. 1



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