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Home Front

Some people believe the only war is not being fought in Vietnam There is a conflict raging in America to stop the war in Nam and to get America bock on the right track-which could well be the left track. If you wont to help, and have been seeking the Home Front, and have not been able to find it, chances are you have not sought at 318 East Pike, Peak Ave.

The Home Front is a Movement Center, not a coffee house, although both coffee and movements will be available. It is a place where anyone who is interested in politics can get together with more of the same. A genuine coffee house will be opened in Colorado Springs as soon at adequote facilities con be located.

The staff of the Home Front (three men and three women) rapped to This Reporter last week to give the readership some idea of what to expect upon entering this anti establishment

''Htome Front will be a little more social and relaxed than the usual movement center There will be a record player and a wide variety of records. We hope to have live entertainment on occasion."

"We will be getting a pretty comprehensive selection of movement literature and underground newspapers, the VIETNAM GI, The ALLY, The BOND, and ABOVEGROUND."

There are plans by the staff to start political study groups involving G.I.'s, students and anybody who is interested

''If G.I.'s have any ideas of what they want done with the Home Front, they should tell us. They should consider it their place."

The Home Front is informally open now that is, feel free to stop in and help out it you want. The target date for the formal opening will be on or about October 1

"Anything goes at the Home Front, providing it's legal."

Aboveground, vol. 1, no. 2



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