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Blind Nationalism

Pvt. Richard Perrin, RA11748246
Since the first printing of ACT, an American Embassy official told the press that our effect on troop morale was “potentially calamitous “. Some of us are and some have been in the Army. We know the type of information you are receiving either from the STARS AND STRIPES or the brass. It is the job of the STARS AND STRIPES and officers to keep up your morale; of course to do this they indoctrinate you with pro-war ideas. They must make you believe that U. S. policies in Vietnam are just.

We all know high morale is necessary for a successful war effort. Stop and think for a minute about how Germany kept up their troops' morale during W,W. II. The Nazi cause was unjust, yet the German troops were tough and difficult to defeat. How did the Nazis accomplish their high troop morale? They did it by appealing to German boys' blind nationalism. A good German accepted the draft, fought, killed, and died for Germany. They did it because Hitler was their elected leader, Germany was at war and a “good citizen” is not afraid to die for his country.

If someone asks you to kill and die, we say you should know why. The ACT shows you the other side of the story; all we ask is that you question U. S. government policies and your involvement with them.



ACT, vol. 1, no. 2



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