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Union Of American Exiles In Britain Formed

Six British based American draft resisters gathered in London the afternoon of Feb. 22 to meet each other and discuss the possibility of banding together as a group of resisters in England. The meeting resulted in four decisions,

1) To form a Union of American Exiles in Britain, to forward the interests of draft resisters in exile here.
2) To send an open letter to the new American President Richard Nixon during his London visit three days hence.
3) To try to organize meetings to speak with draft eligible Americans at Oxford, Cambridge, and London.
4) To publish (probably monthly) a newspaper which would serve as a forum for resisters and their supporters in Britain and as a way of having regular contact with draft, RITA, and AWOL exiles in Canada, Sweden, France, and other countries, and with our fellow resisters in America.

The letter to Nixon, outlining a common political denominator the group agreed upon, is reprinted in this issue. Our second meeting on Sunday March 2 resulted in this newspaper and formalized the U.A.E.B. The War Resisters' International, at 3, Caledonian Road; London N.1, has kindly consented (at least temporarily) to serve as mailing address headquarters for our group, and any communications should be sent to us via their address. In Oxford our branch is c/o Frank Aller; The Queen's College; Oxford. We welcome all comments, articles, donations, and critiques. The editorial committee of The American Exile in Britain consists of Frank Aller, Lawrence Calmus, David Kennedy, Harry Pincus, Jack Warshaw.

American Exile in Britain, no. 1


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