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Freedom vs Bullshit

What is freedom

Freedom is writing fuck on a bathroom wall and nobody gives a shit. Freedom is being free from moral judgments levied by those who have no right. Freedom is the cessation of nationalism. Freedom is when the word color appears on crayon boxes. Freedom is when race means the 100 yard dash. Freedom is James Meredith enrolling in the University of Alabama and nobody’s blood pressure rises. Freedom is when guns are displayed in the museum. Freedom is Muhammad tracing his origins to Abraham. Freedom is finding the word war in dictionaries. Freedom is when panthers are found in zoos and pigs on farms. Freedom is when I can sign my name to this article.

What is bullshit.

Bullshit does not come from bulls but people. A GI demanding "freedom" in Vietnam is bullshit. A GI in Vietnam is defending imperialism. The Christian rationalization of a "just" war is bullshit. The guerilla tactics of Chairman Mao are bullshit. The military-industrial-complex is bullshit. President Nixon, Strom Thurmond, William J Buckley-very Jr., and Robert Welsh are bullshit. The Pope and Billy Graham are bullshit. The 825th Air Division is bullshit.


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