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Lifers React

Grissom AFB - Lifer reactions to the first issue of Aerospaced showed a variety of fascist attitudes and typical NCO narrow mindedness.

Some lifers got uptight about what they called "obscenity." As one sarge put it, "Jesus Christ, every other goddam word is a mother fuckin four-letter word." Let's face it sarge, the last thing in the world that should offend you is a four-letter word.

Others seemed to think it was subversive. We recommend Webster's dictionary for a definition of the word subversive; that is if you can read, Sarge.

The worst lifers thought they could use Nazi scare tactics, saying they would bust or jail the airmen if they were caught with "Aerospaced." One blue meanie in Transportation told his men they'd get 30 years for having a copy of it.

BULL*#?&!!! Those lifers can't do one fugging thing to you for having "Aerospaced." Your right to possess it is protected by D.o.D. Directive 1325.6 If you or any of your buddies intercoursed over for having "Aerospaced," let us know. We can get legal help. Write... Don't let fascist lifers violate your rights.




Aerospaced, no. 2


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