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Cliff On Trial

Cliff Mansker, a black marine who has been confined at the Pigleton Brig since August 11, is presently being tried by the Marine Corps for his political beliefs . Suck Intelligence hopes to nail Cliff on an assault charge, claiming that he threatened the lives of three MPs on the night of August 10, while being detained in the Ocean Bottom Military Police Headquarters.

The events leading up to this alleged assault show the real reasons why Cliff is being court-martialed.

Months ago, when Cliff was well-known as an active MDM member, he began to be harassed by the pig lifers in his area. Intimidation didn't stop Cliff though. He just fought harder for what he believed in. At one point one particular lifer, Captain Nicolopoulous, called Cliff to question him about his political activities. When Cliff arrived, Captain Nicolopoulous took one look at his unity band and freaked out. He ranted and raved and told Cliff to "take that garbage off." Cliff refused, noting that dress regulations allow identification bracelets to be worn and was written up for disobeying a lawful order.

On August 10, Cliff was distributing copies of Black Unity.... [He was given] a one way ride to Military Pig Headquarters, where his copies of Black Unity were immediately confiscated. Next Cliff was ordered to remove his Unity Band, a symbol of his pride and strength. The pigs figured he would hang himself. No Shit! When he refused to obey this order, he was set upon by three MPs who forcibly removed the band from his wrist. The resistance which Cliff put up netted him an assault charge and confinement to the brig pending court martial.

Why do piggies fear Cliff? Is it because GIs of all colors have rallied to his defense, eagerly testifying on his behalf during the opening days of his trial? These people realize that the lifer may come down hard on them because of their insolence. Still they testify. Is it because Cliff relates to all people and is well liked by everyone who has come in touch with him. ... Is it because Cliff refuses to accept a deal from the pigs, shunning a UD in order to expose lifer oppression ? Is it because Cliff threatens the very pyramid of power which lifers have always stood atop of and feels that the people can get it on without the harassment which these stooges joyfully dish out. Pigs realize that their days have become numbered. With people like Cliff around those days of power are dwindling even more rapidly. It is hard to relate just how much Cliff means to the GI Movement in our country. Maybe it is sufficient to simply say that we love this beautiful brother who has dedicated his life to his people in order to help them to determine their own destiny. And that's good for all of us.

All Ready on the Left, no. 2


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