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Brig Pigs Gig

On the morning of Monday, August 17, a small outbreak of violence occurred at the Camp Pendleton Brig, when a handful of Black Brothers defended their right to wear Black Unity Bands.

The unit warden at the Brig's "A" Company decided that wearing Black Unity Bracelets was just as un-American and un-military as wearing beads or giving the peace sign. The warden gave the brothers an order to take off their unity bracelets. When the brothers refused to do so, the riot squad was called to the alert.

An hour later, after being told their rights under the Uniform Code of MIlitary Justice five brothers were taken to the Brig's Maximum Security Unit (MSU), without incident or trouble but still weating their unity bands.

The Brig's Asssn. Brig Officer, Capt. Saxby, an Uncle Tom if ever one existed, then turned his attention to the next cell block. Now this next incident just goes to show whore the liters' heads really are, because the first brother the grabbed just happened to be the wrong dude. Now everyone is human. and no one likes being accused unjustly, especially when he had no active part In the Incident; he wasn't even wearing a Black Unity Bracelet.

When told to come out of his cell, he started to explain, but before he got half-ass started, he was cut off by the voice of a certain Capt. ordering five guards to "get him." The guards hit him with everything they had, knocking him across his cell, and onto the floor, with five guards forcing handcuffs onto him. The whole incident could easily have been avoided by use of a little reasoning and a little bit of understanding on the part of this particular lifer.

After seeing an innocent brother get the hell knocked out of him, the other brothers realized that any form of physical resistance was futile.

They were then all taken down MSU, still wearing their Black Unity Bracelets. It was there where they were physically forced to remove their Bands.

This particular incident is just a small example, but it should be an example for both white and black brothers alike. It could have been a white dude being told to take off a peace sign or beads.

We are all being blinded by childish racism against each other, when in reality it's our system, and those individuals running it that turn us against each other with ridiculous prejudice.

All Ready on the Left, no. 2


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