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Fort Hood

The Army and local media wrote that there was a "minor scuffle between some GIs and the Military Police" at Ft. Hood on July 26., This "minor scuffle" was actually a rebellion of 250 black GIs.

The rebellion that Sunday night was a black thing. Most whites in the area either stayed on the sidelines or in the barracks. Most whites are in fact afraid of the brothers and see riots or rebellions as "black against white."

The story of what actually started it seems unclear to everyone but included an argument between some black and white GIs and a shotgun blast. Whatever happened to trigger it off, blacks began to gather in the streets and MPs were called into the area. Throughout the nlght and-into the early hours of the next morning the brothers fought the MPs, the Texas National Guard and a few white GIs. Angry blacks threw low-explosive grenade simulators at the MPs, trashed day rooms and an orderly room, and kicked the ass of a Lt. Col. MPs arrested 30 blacks, dragging many from their bunks and beating them before throwing them into the stockade. Throughout the base isolated blacks were grabbed and clubbed .

Tents went up in flames, two re-enlistment offices were set on fire and army equipment was mysteriously damaged during the next few days. A case of C-4 plastic explosives and a case of incendiary grenades were liberated from the fort that week.

Blacks rebel because they are oppressed; blacks are demanding their freedom. Anyone standing in the way of that freedom is the enemy and is going to get hurt. Whites who don't fight the system are in the way. Not only are we holding back freedom for black people, but freedom for all oppressed people. Let's get out of our own way and start fighting the real enemy.

All Ready on the Left, no. 2


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