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Mutiny At Khe Sanh

On March 20 (1971), 53 members of Troop B, 1st Squadron, 1st Cavalry, Anierical Division occupying the old Marine Base at Khe Sahn, banded together in a slave revolt. On patrol. near Laos, the armored recon unit was ambushed by Vietnamese guerillas. The lead APC was destroyed by an RPO and an ensuing fire fight forced the unit to withdraw. They were ordered back to the zone in an attempt to salvage the APC's radio. Fire from the Vietnamese forced another retreat, but orders came down 3 more times. Each attack was met with fierce resistance. The 24 year old Captain ordered the men in one more time, but the brothers were tired and confused and not into the glory of being sent home in a box. With unity they overcame the tyrannical hysteria of their superiors and said NO. They said no to the concept of suicide and no to the dictatorial power of their officers. Their Captain was relieved of his command and no charges have yet been filed.








All Ready on the Left, no. 4


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