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Movement To Off The Military

1. We demand free and open purchase of Masrijuana in the mess hall and PX.
2. We demand the right of Black, Brown, Yellow and Red G.I.'s toi form their own armies.
3. We demand that uniforms be abolished. (Since G.I.'s pay for uniforms we ought to pick our styles).
4. We demand that hair can be any length, but not shorter thaan three inches. (Persons with shorter hair should be busted for indecent exposure)
5. We demand community control of officers and staff N.C.O. clubs so they could be used as ethnic study centers, free schools, etc.
6. We demand a descending pay scale where E-1s would receive $3,000 a month and O-10s would get $143 a month.
7. We demand compulsory retiremant at 25 years old.
8. We dfemand issuance of Government Credit Cards (good at over 10,000 Federal installations) in place of military ID's.
9. We demand that stockades be turned into rehabilitation centers for lifers and officers.
10. We demand that 50% of all military personnel be women.
11. We demand peace.
12. We demand that the President of the U.S. be replaced with a statue,



All Ready on the Left, no. 4


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