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GI's Busted For Bombings

Three G.I.'s were arrested Feb. 11 for the July 26, 1970 bombing of a Western Electric transformer and the central telephone exchange at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin. They could be jailed for 35 years and fined $30,000 each.

The G.I.'s, SP/4 Tom Chase, SP/4 Steve Geden and PFC Daniel Kreps, have had clean records until now. They have been harassed and intimidaated by the Army, which is attempting to put on trial and silence the men and the American Servicemen's Union. (All three are members of the ASU). After the explosions, the men were put on restriction and made to sign in every hour, even though two live on-post. Kreps was busted from SP/4 to E3 for one-day AWOL. Geden faces a general court martiaal for supposedly participating in an unsanctioned demonstration in uniform, and Chase faces a special court martial for supposedly distributing a public notice giving information about Geden's court martial.

Chase, Geden and Kreps, all Viet Nam veterans, were held on $20,000 bail imposed by Federal Judge James Doyle in Madison Wisconsin. The bail for Geden and Kreps was set at $5,000 each while Chase's was set at $10,000. Geden was bailed out, but Kreps and Chase are still in prison. The Wisconsin Student Alliance has contributed $5,000 toward the bail fund the ASU set up to raise money for Chase and Geden's bail. Letters of support would really boost their morale.... They will be forwarded to the Camp McCoy Three.



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