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Nam Vets Testify

On January 31 of this year, over 150 Vietnam Veterans met in Detroit to testify about war crimes and atrocities in Vietnam. The inquiry included veterans from virtually every major Army and Marine Corps unit to have seen combat, and although most could not make it to Detroit, thousands of other Vietnam Veterans pledged their full support of the inquiry.

During the 3 day long hearing, the vets made it apparent that My Lai was not an isolated incident, and further, that officers have full knowledge of these everyday atocities, and in many cases even order that they be carries out. To anyone who listened to the testimony, it became very clear just how much the militaary and Washington lie about whaat's happening in Vietnam.

Public reaction was mixed. Because many of the combat veterans had been out of the service for months or more and had long hair, many people refused to believe they had ever been in the military. In addition there was an organized news blackout, so that outside the city of Detroit virtually no one learned of the truth as related by the men who were in Vietnam themselves.





All Ready on the Left , vol. 2, no. 1


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