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GIs Continue To Oppose Vietnam War.

Servicemen in many areas of these United States are saying HELL NO to the brass. During the month of June, protest was shown in several different ways.

Two black Marines, PFC. George Daniels and CPL. William L Harvey, fell victim to a fantastic frame-up that has been hidden since last year by the military and the press as well. The two servicemen were charged under UCMJ Article l34 with a violation of section 2387 of the Federal Criminal Code which says it is a crime to “advise, counsel, urge, cause and attempt to cause insubordination, disloyalty and refusal of duty by the members of the armed forces.”

Harvey and Daniels were convicted for taking part in barracks discussion and saying that black men should not be fighting in a white man's war against Vietnam.
Marine brass charged them and then advised them not to get a civilian lawyer. “Just let us handle it quietly and you'll get off easier,” was their story. The men agreed and accepted a legal officer for their defense attorney.

Then at the quietly arranged court-martial they got a nightmarish double cross: 10 years for Daniels, 6 years for Harvey. Their case is being appealed by attorney Melvin L. Wulf of the American Civil Liberties Union.




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