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How It Goes Down In The Presidio

As of early July, there were 106 prisoners inside the Presidio, a stockade built for 47. Physical conditions were at best filthy, as a backed up latrine had been strewing filth on the the floor for at least a week. On July 5, a GI prisoner was dragged down the stairs in such a manner as to have his head hit every step, just because he didn't get out of bed quickly enough. The next day, three other prisoners were treated in a similar way. A sick GI was forced to stand at the position of attention in the cold despite his pleas that he was very ill. Being an epilleptic, he suffered a seizure while underggoing this harassment.

Three GIs slashed their wrists in protest agaainst the unbearable conditions mentioned earlier. They were left to bleed for a time without any medical attention. A fourth, who was on his way to the stockade slahed his throat while packing his gear. At least the brass sent him to the S-1 psycho ward at letterman hospital.

One prisoner, Michael Senyard has refused all food since the first of July to protest stockade conditions. He has beeen given the usual punishment of being plaaced into a 4' x 6' x 8' cell without mattress or blanket.

It is rumored that a riot took place in the stockade sometime during the middle of July. An Ally Presidio contact told us that he overheard some guards discussing it one evening. The struggle was started by some guys who were about to be sent off to Fort Leavenworth. Other prisoners joined them in battling guards and smashing stockade equipment. Reportedly the rtingleaders were captured and pistol-whipped before the other prisoners as a sort of grim example of "military justice and authority."


The Ally, no. 8


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