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USOs For Peace Are Coming

This summer, students and veterans will bring a new kind of support to GIs. By June 12, Summer of Support (SOS) plans to open coffeehouses, USOs for Peace, near all nine major US Army posts with training programs.

The coffehouses will be similar to the one in Columbia S.C>, where Ft. Jackson GIs met and planned the Feb 13 pray-in at the base chapel. They will provide a place where anti-war GIs can get together, relax and talk about activities not reported in the Army - a place where they can air their gripes, plan and organize.

In addition, SOS will offer day care centres for children of military personnel, legal counseling, theater, newspapers, rock concerts and academic programs. Entertainers like Judy Collins, the Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe and the Fish and Phil Ochs will be invited to participate.

SOS is being sponsored by a group of veterans, students, journalists and entertainers who believe the US should withdraw from Vietnam. They feel that "it is the soldier who suffers most directly from the war and who has the most to gain from coming to a fast, unambiguous end."





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