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Bombs Away

Lt. (JG) Susan Schnall is a navy nurse turned bombadier. She took direct action against the brass' restriction of information about the GI & Vets March for Peace. With her hussband, a pilot and a Vietnam vet, she dropped 12,000 leaflets about the March on three Bay Area Naval Installations and the USS Ranger.

As a nurse she knows what the war does to its victims. She demands that it be stopped. To help stop it, she "bombed" the navy and was in the front ranks of the march, in uniform.

For the bombing mission she faces two years for conduct unbecoming an officer. For marching in uniform she faces another two years. Of course it's unlikely that she'll ever be behind bars, but like she says "Generals wear their uniforms when they speak out in favor of the Vietnam war. So why can't we?"








The Ally, no. 11


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