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GI Teach-in Texas Style

There were at least 15o GIs in the crowd which attended a teach-in-picnic held in Austin, Texas, October 13. The event, which was organized by the Texas Committe to End the war in Vietnam, noted that the presence of soldiers from Ft. Hood, Ft. Sam Houston, Laredo and Bergstrom Air Bases was an important step in building relations between anti-war GIs and civilian supporters is Texas.

The military speakers had several things to say. One GI from Ft. Sam Houston told about a manin his company who had left for Sweden. Eighty other soldiers signed a letter wishing him luck, stating that they supported him.

A recently discharged GI from Ft. Hood who had joined the movement stressed the importance of legal assistance to GIs from the outside. If GIs knew they could get civilian legal counsel when they received courts marital for antiwar activities, he said, many more GIs would voice their feelings against the war and participate in antiwar activities off-base. Also speaking was the Austin director of the Texas Civil Liberties Committe who stated that a Texas Soldier's Legal Defense Committee is being formed to provide legal aid for any soldier in the state.

Later, the Texas & Pacific rock band played for the gathering and Mabel Hillery , of Oleo Strut Coffee House fame, sang with them.

At least one report indicated that an officer from the 3rd Cav., 1st Armored Div. stationed at Ft. Hood attempted to disrupt activities. He allegedly dumped a powder substance nearby, which caused some persons to complain of "tear gas effects." The license numbe of the car was given to police, but no action is known to have been taken against the officer.

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