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Latest On Fort Jackson 8 (9?)

On April 10, the Army let it out that one of the leaders of GIs United Against the War had been acting on "behalf of the command." The Army identified him as Private John Huffman. Then another Army spokesman was not sure if this was the right GI. Robert Ingram, a press agent for the New York Times was given this reply to his inquiries about the controversy: "Huffman is not an agent.... The Army spokesman would not say directly that the soldier had defected from the militants' ranks after first joining them in good faith rather than having served as a plant for the Army from the beginning." The spokesman added that Brig. Gen. James Hollingsworth, the base commander had dismissed all charges against him, for reasons that the Army would not disclose.

Huffman's (if he's the one) undercover role was not revealed until "after he had participated with the other eight, in numerous, supposedly confidential, lawyer-client conferences with the accused soldiers civilian and military defense counsel."

Thomas Broadwater (one of the civilian defense lawyers) noted that "the presence of an Army agent in these conferences, had probably compromised the Army's entire disciplinary case against the nine." Broadwater said on thee basis of this, and the question of the stockade confinement of Pvts. Joe Cole, Andrew Pulley, Jose Rudder and Delmar Thomas, the defense would move for a summary dismissal of all pending charges on the grounds that the Army had violated the confidentiality of his clients' right to have legal counsel.

Pvt. Charles Dazler was the chief witness for the defense. After testifying at a recent hearing, he was informed by the brass that he may be charged along with the eight. This is an obvious attempt by the brass to remove Dozier's value as a defense witness and intimidate other witnesses who are favorable for the defense. You can tell the truth to the brass.... If you're willing to go to jail.

The Ally, no. 16


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