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Editors Report

As our first issue came off the press, we were faced with a major problem – what to do with 3,000 copies. True, you could pick up the names of half a dozen guys who put ads in the local papers for girls to write them. (They're in for a surprise.) Then there are guys we know in the service. But what about the other 2,989 copies?

Since SF is a staging area sending men to Travis and from there to Vietnam, we saw the opportunity of reaching those men. So off we went to bus terminals and airports. Twice we were told to leave the USO lounge at SF airport.

According to the receptionist, our presence was “creating a disturbance” (all two of us!), although none of the GI's there who received copies had registered any complaint.

The servicemen in the lobby who received the paper had mixed reactions. One soldier read the paper, crumpled it into a tiny ball and returned it without a word. Another, on his way home from Vietnam, told us: “I don't need this any more. I've been there and know been there and know what it's like.” He then offered cigarettes all around.

With the Armed Services police it was another story. An M. P. glanced at a copy of The Ally that had been given to a GI and promptly told us to leave the airport. When we responded that he had no authority over us, he left us alone. (It is your legal right to have and read this paper, even if these guys try to intimidate you.) So in one way or another, #1 got distributed.

Our next problem, getting money for #2. A few friends came up with $3 for subscriptions, and even some 5ers.

Somebody's father gave $10 provided she not involve her- self with us.

We opened a bank account that's another story — but now we need money to put in it. If you want to help servicemen get the news, support The Ally with subscriptions and contributions.

We will keep publishing The Ally, somehow or other. But we want and need your support. Also, please send names and addresses of GIs. We'll need them when we finally get kicked out of the airport.

The Ally, no. 2


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