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The Ally Is Published By An Independent Group Of Citizens, Reservists, Veterans And Active Duty GIs

The Ally is published by an independent group of citizens, reservists, veterans and active-duty GIs to fill the information gap that exists for the American servicemen. We give the GI credit for more intelligence than the military brass does; we think the average Army latriner orderly or Navy mess cook has at least as much sense as any desk-jockey general or admiral. We also think he has a much more personal stake in the war – and that his first right as a GI is to know what kind of war he is fighting and why.

The Ally will work to bring accurate and relevant news and in-depth analyses of vital issues to servicemen. We will print news of the world, the nation and the growing movement of GIs and civilians against the war.

But if we are to become a true ally of the servicemen, every reader must become a reporter. We need your opinions, your questions, your criticisms, your stories – and your support.







The Ally, no. 10


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