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The Brass, Like Every Other GI, Have Taken An Oath To Defend The Constitution.

The brass, like every other GI, have taken an oath to defend the Constitution. Freedom of the press includes the right of every GI to receive, possess, read and distribute The Ally and AR 351- 135 and article 31 of the UCMJ clearly are designed to insure this right. But you know how much that means!

Cover your ass! When you write us, don't put The Ally on the envelope, just P.O. Box 9276, Berkeley, Calif. 94749. If possible, don't put your name on the envelope's return address — this protects you.

CYA! If the shit starts coming down in your unit stateside Ally readers should get together and rent an off-base Post Office box.

CYA! Don't leave The Ally laying around where the lifers can find it. The less they know about it the better. There hasn't been a single case of an Ally reader or distributor being busted. With a few simple precautions, we can keep it that way. Every reader should be passing on or loaning out The Ally. Let the WORD go forth! Thanks to those allies who have been putting The Ally in base libraries and the USO. Our friends are everywhere!

Our readers' response to our request for money has been encouraging, but the situation in still desperate. We hope that every reader will do as much as he (or she) can to keep The Ally alive financially. No contribution is too small. A two dollar book of stamps is a windfall and one guy blew our collective minds by sending $25. Also, thanks to F. F. for your contribution and keep it coming in! Tell us how we can reach you.

Again we would particularly like to see our bulk distributors take up collections for us. Our situation was so desperate last month that we had to cut our bulk mailing back. Also, The Ally is right next door to Oakland Army Base. Any GI returning from Nam could easily give us an interview for publication. Write in advance so we can tell you how to get in touch with us.

The Ally, no. 12


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