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Statement Of Policy, Purpose And Scope

This journal of opinion is to be published as often as available time and monetary resources allow. Mail subscriptions are available free of charge to all active GI’s. Letters are excepted [sic] for publication but names will not be used without permission. AT is produced by and for GIs in the vicinity of Anchorage. AT is a nonprofit underground paper published under the legal authority of the FIRST AMENDMENT to the United States Constitution.

AT realizes that most GIs are perceptive enough to know the armed forces are fucked-up. We desire to help develop this knowledge toward a comprehensive awareness that the military is an oppressive, exploitative, fascist, imperialistic, neo-fascist and organizationally insane system. We shall aid GIs through this publication, personal correspondences, and by person to person contact. We will inform GIs of methods whereby they can actively resist the military through legally allowable means. We intend to promote active resistance to the illegitimate authority of the military machine thereby contributing to its dissolution and advancing the fight for the human freedoms outlined in the constitution of the US We hope to be the beginning of a sizable G. I. Movement in the Anchorage area.


Ah yes, the neanderthal minds of the lifers will probably attribute this paper to the work of the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNIST CONSPIRACY or at least give us the status of enemy.

It seems ironic that we would be associated with the policies and ideas of the Soviet Union and/or China since these countries follow in practice much the same line a lifer treads. Think about it next time a lifer tells you to get a haircut, to take down some “subversive” posters or what job you will be doing next. Isn’t the lifer’s denial of human rights and freedoms the very thing that is so atrocious when accomplished in the communist nations? WILL THE REAL COMMUNIST PLEASE OINK???

Anchorage Troop, no. 1


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