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Same Old Crap

It’s the same old story. Unless you sit down and knock out the old nitty-gritty, how can we tell our fellow captives about the problems and successes you’ve had in your company. Worried about identity, then why not try writing a parable? Maybe your 1st Sergeant should be nominated for Bastard of the Month. Let us know and we will begin work on the center page fold-out that we’re sure he’d be happy to pose for. We’re having problems finding beer belly bikinis, but we’ll try harder.

Wouldn’t the Pentagon make a nice Zoo, if it were cleaned up a little? We could have animals instead of barbarians on view. All of the services boast in their propaganda (YES, but that is another story) that their profession is peace. Isn’t it about time we got rid of those bumbling old fools and hired someone who could do the job. Even newspapers couldn’t put up with that much inefficiency.

Anyway get those stories in.

P.S. You’re still funding us; so how about that contribution you’ve been putting off?





As You Were, no. 7


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