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As You Were - A Mirror Of Non-Violent Revolution In America

All GI's have one thing in common - an awesome negative experience severing their minds, bodies, their very being from meaningful life. Part of the larger struggle in this society for human rights, the GI Movement is similar to the older Black and Brown struggles in that it was born out of oppression and fear This Movement manifests itself in many ways and on many levels. It is revolutionary because new structures, attitudes, and possibilities are either replacing old ones or are entirely unique to the scene The belief that ends and means are related is at the core of the Movement `s revolutionary vitality. Rather than reaction to fear and brute force in kind, many GIs are challenging the old order with active love and commitment to community and Peace for all men. This is the very best of the GI Movement, and it is here that the As You Were intends to focus Its direction is the direction of the nonviolent revolution in our society.

Our new logotype symbolizes our emphasis of the nonviolent revolution of the GI Movement, the black and white hands representing unity of all brothers. We believe that the struggles for peace and for social, political, and economic power for all peoples at home and abroad are intrinsically related.

Once stating the As You Were's position, the staff wishes to reiterate that the paper is by and for GIs. For that reason we encourage discussion in article form from all elements of the military including those who would disagree with our position. Some would disagree with our advocacy of radical change, others sanction whatever means necessary, including the taking of human life to topple the repressive inhuman systems that enslaves us. Not only does the staff encourage articles arguing against our position: but we feel that it is only through wide-ranging diversified discussion that the nonviolent revolution that is so imperative' in our society can be understood and accepted.

The As You Were reflects events, thoughts, and feelings expressed by the GIs at Fort Ord. The staff is simultaneously conducting research into various problems vital to the movement and our society so that much needed background information can be presented to the GIs in this paper.

We are beginning a forum of Black thought, discussing the Black's position in the GI Movement as well as in the larger society It is our hope that this will increase meaningful dialogue among Black GIs and White GIs.
The staff, composed of a very small number of active-duty GIs end recently discharged GIs, needs your support. If you dig us, or if you disagree with our stance, DO IT IN WRITING.

As You Were, no. 13


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