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This Is The Birth Of Ash

This is the birth of ASH. Born from the cleansing fires of Hate, Prejudice and Ignorance, ASH is the beginning of the destruction of the very reasons which gave it birth. For years have the ASHES lain smoldering but now they are growing warmer, now will they be recognized.

It is no coincidence that this paper follows, by two weeks, the demonstration that occurred outside (or was it really inside) the gates of Donner Kaserne on the 23rd of May. That demonstration had two purposes: First, to make known the rebellion withheld each day by Army pedantry; Second to organize a foundation for ASH.

ASH is directed against the apathy that allows war to continue, that softens the blow given by dictatorial majorities to the enslaved minorities.

More particularly it is meant to stick a burning needle in the side of the military forces of the K-town area. And it is hoped that K-town will stick like a larger needle in the military forces of Europe, and Europe in the United States.

Whether this takes months, years or lifetimes, is up to all' of us. We are the world, We are our own existence. If we choose to live by the laws of dead people, who died because of their laws, then it is our fault and we will continue to suffer under military jurisdiction and to fight wars on campuses and on battlefields.

Finally, ASH is directed personally against all people who believe in the ideals of any army, all people who would take from another person his right to refuse participation in an army or society which propagates and reaps profits from war, Is this paper directed against you? If not, support in whatever way you can, the existence of ASH. The greatest support you can give, however, is held between your ears.

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