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A New Kind Of Green Machine

It may be that you've been given a leaflet, or spoken to, by a tired-looking, rumpled long-hair in Oceanburg during the last couple of months. Or maybe you've heard talk about THE GREEN MACHINE. If you want to hear some really flaky stuff, ask some lifer about us - you'll hear plenty. It's amazing how a few people can make the brass and lifers really up-tight. And their response has been predictable enough - blame everyone else and burn whoever you can.

THE GREEN MACHINE is an attempt to set up a GI coffeehouse, like the ones at Ft. Jackson, Ft. Dix, Ft. Knox, and Ft. Lewis. We noticed, while passing through Oceanburg, that prices were a little steep and that if you didn't keep moving, someone would try to sell you along with their glass diamonds.

With MPs enforcing martial law, Oceanburg feels a little like a cross between Disneyland and Boot Camp.

For the man who is trying to put his head together and get over the boot brainwash, the is no place in Oceanside to do it. That's what THE GREEN MACHINE is for - an anti-brainwash resting place, a place to pick up what the REAL struggle is about.

The idea behind THE GREEN MACHINE is that the anti-war movement needs allies. Everybody also knows that the EM snuffies need allies, too. Put our strengths together and you begin to get something that the brass and bacon that administer Fort America have to reckon with.


Attitude Check, vol. 1, no. 1


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