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Department of Defense Directive 1325.6 clearly states that it is legal for active duty service personnel to participate in demonstration when they are off-duty, on legal liberty, off-base, and out of uniform, The demonstration must be peaceful and you are not allowed to express your true feelings about Nixon or “Carry the flag of a country considered to be an enemy.” (If you know any).

That is the law as far as the local bacon aboard Camp Pigleton are concerned, However, we have been learning from these people themselves how seriously they take their phrase “law and order.” This DoD Directive is violated daily on Camp Pig.

In Las Pulgas Area men are being called in for office hours for mere possession of this paper. This is a violation of DoD 1325.6. And any lifer, officer, etc., who tries to bust you for having a copy of Attitude Check can be charged with Article 92a of the UCMJ -- violation or failure to obey a Lawful general order.

The bacon is so frightened in Margarita Area that is has issued blanket orders to some barracks that men are to be restricted to their barracks on Saturday, May 16, People's Armed Forces Day. Get a group of guys together and press charges against the fools who were tricked into giving that order, They can be charged with Article 97 -- unlawful detention.

Stand together in groups, not alone, 10 witnesses are better than one.

We all know that the UCMJ will never help us make the revolution, but a lot of people are new to the Corps and can still be scared by the lifers and officers, We have to help them learn where its at so they can regain their manhood in our fight against the monster system that has run the people as far as they will go.

When you get tired of burning bacon under Articles 97 and 92a, you could try Article 93 -- cruelty and maltreatment, or special for you low- down types try Article 133 on officers -- conduct unbecoming an officer. According to the book, you have catch one in “dishonesty or unfair dealing, indecency, lawlessness, injustice, or cruelty...”


For advice, legal help, and information, contact: MDM (714) 722-9646

There are lawyers who will help us make the military obey its own rules so that People's Armed Forces Day can truly be “Servicemen Marching for the People, Not the Pig.”

Attitude Check, special issue


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