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This military venture into the arena of freedom of speech and freedom of the press will survive only if you become involved. Attitude Check is written by active duty Marines and ex-Marines who are sincerely dedicated to placing the Military Man’s struggle for liberation and human dignity in its proper historical perspective. By providing a basis of communication between you, your Marine brothers and other military men around the world. In doing so we hope top provide unity, organization and solidarity among dissident Marines, expose the inequities and injustices of militarism and to ultimately implement changes where they are required.

Attitude Check speaks for all marines no matter what their duty status. It defines “active duty personnel” as being permanently based male and female Marines, Schools battalion personnel as well as those Marines in transient undergoing preparatory training for duty in the Republic of Vietnam. Attitude Check is especially interested in establishing rapport with its brothers in Viet Nam. You, your problems, temperament and inclinations command a high priority with the paper. Our first editorial board abroad will come from within your ranks. To our military wives we assert, even though the military tells us the opposite, that your complacency and welfare command a higher priority than any mere organizational obligation. You to have a story to tell. Attitude Check will listen.

Although Attitude Check is addressed to the rank and file Marine who are a dissident majority, it is not ours to engage in unilateral reporting. Comments, criticisms and suggestions from officers, and staff NCO’s are desirable and will be accorded the same consideration as those from the lower enlisted ranks.

According to military manifestation: “A bitching Marine is a happy Marine.” Attitude Check rejects the preceding as being a fallacy and feels that your lamentations are the result of disillusionment, frustration and alienation. With your help we intend to prove it.

Attitude Check, no. 1


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