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Tom Sincavitch Resigns From Reserves After Refusal To Train For Riot Control

Tom Sicavitch resigned from the reserves when ordered to Riot Control Training. Tom has been charged with going AWOL and will have a special court martial this week. Once again the Army attempts to refuse to face the issue of political and conscientious dissent. Tom explained how he and his fellow GIs were used when he declared "We are being forced to wage a genocidal war against the Vietnamese in the name of democracy, we are being forced to collaborate with a syastem that is acting against the interests of the poor., in this country and countries throughout the world; we are being forced to kill each other in the name of law and order so thaat the system may continue the oppression it has imposed upon the poor blaacks and whites of this country."









The AWOL Press, vol. 1, no. 1


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